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In the Epernay of 1743 becomes real what, most likely, is the most famous Champagne of all time; Madame de Pompadour (King Louis XV’s mistress) already praised it, preferring it as a drink for court parties. She loved it so much that she had handed over 120 bottles during her stay at the Château de Compiègne just for the month of May! Thanks also of the sons of Claude Möet, founder of the company, who undertook an intelligent policy of expansion of the vineyards and of the commercial network, making their Champagne the most requested by all the European courts. Even today, the Maison Möet & Chandon is the absolute leader among champagne producers.

Very bright straw yellow with a fine and persistent perlage, it opens on fruity and floral aromas of wisteria, apple and pear, therefore with almond, flint and spices. Balanced and decidedly fresh palate it has a great mineral support and citrus wake.

From the aperitif on and during the whole meal.

Moet Chandon Champagne Brut

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