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White tulip: meaning. When are white tulips given as a gift?

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Traditionally, white tulips are given by boys in love to their girlfriends. A more pure and brighter hint of sincere feelings than a bouquet of these beautiful flowers cannot be invented.

In addition, white tulips can be given:

  • To a mother for any holiday. A mono bouquet of white tulips or pre-made compositions that include other flora is perfect, but this species is the main one.

  • To a wife. You can give white tulips to your wife for any reason. However, it is desirable to avoid giving this type of gift to young women; women of older age may not appreciate this gesture.

White tulips symbolize purity, innocence, forgiveness, and serenity. Use our flower delivery service in Milan to send white tulips to someone special and show them how much you care. Order a bouquet today!
White tulip: meaning. When are white tulips given as a gift?

White tulip: meaning.

To the bride. White Tulip meaning? A bouquet of white tulips given for the wedding will be wonderful. It will express your feelings towards the young and pure beauty, and it will tell how sincere your emotions are when you see the happiness of the young couple.

Sister, niece, or daughter. A wonderful choice of flora for a bouquet to give to a girl. Ask the florist to compile the composition in delicate pink, purple, or blue.

The reasons why white tulips are given as gifts can be various. For example:

  • To the maternity ward for delivery. It is a universal option to meet a baby and a girl from the maternity ward.

  • The first or any subsequent date. This bouquet will tell a girl how comfortable she is with your union.

  • It's my birthday. If you decide to give your girlfriend, wife, daughter a bouquet of these delightful flowers for their birthday, they will be thrilled.

  • Don't wait for an important reason to make your woman happy with a bouquet of flowers, it's an ordinary day. To make the bouquet of white tulips from Molin Rosa particularly elegant and delicate, try not to use bright colors for a series of decoration elements. Just use natural materials of delicate flowering, ribbons, and small jewelry. It could be a butterfly, a dragonfly, a ladybug, or a bow.

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