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Why give red roses?

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Are you familiar with the Greek legend in which Aphrodite ran to her beloved, injuring her feet on the thorns of a bush of pink roses, and from the marks of the goddess's blood the buds turned red? Perhaps you have read the fairy tale by O. Wilde, in which the nightingale pierced his heart with a rose thorn, making the flowers blush with his blood so that the young man could give them to his beloved. Throughout time, artists and poets have sung the red flower as a symbol of eternal love and fidelity. Let's see what a bouquet of red roses means in the modern world.

Giving red roses is a traditional gesture of love and affection. Red roses are the quintessential symbol of romance, passion, and deep love. They have been used to express feelings of love and admiration for centuries, and are often given as gifts on special occasions such as Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and weddings. Red roses are also a popular choice for bouquets and floral arrangements, and are widely available from florists and online retailers. Their deep, rich color and delicate petals make them a timeless and elegant choice for any occasion.
Why give red roses?


A bouquet of red roses is the most popular gift for Valentine's Day, given to wives and lovers. It symbolizes romance and love. Many believe that all red roses say "I love you." However, this refers to the classic deep red blooms, such as those of the Freedom variety. Other tones, when given, express different feelings.

  • The color of petals with a shade similar to Burgundy wine, a deep ruby red, represents passion and suggests sexual attraction and desire. If a man gives roses of this color, he perceives the girl as an object of desire and passion. Psychologists recommend putting ruby-colored flower arrangements in the bedroom to increase eroticism and sensuality in a couple.

  • Bordeaux-colored flowers express admiration and respect. They are appropriate to give to a mother or guests on solemn occasions. If you are unsure if it is appropriate to give dark red roses for an official occasion, you can present them in a hatbox. The accessory will give the gift a formal, strict, and elegant look.

Giving red roses to a girl or woman is a popular gesture of love and affection. Red roses have traditionally been associated with romantic love and passion, and are often given to express deep feelings of love and desire. Red roses can also symbolize admiration, courage, and respect, making them an appropriate gift for a variety of occasions. Whether it's for a special occasion like Valentine's Day or simply to show your love and appreciation, a bouquet of red roses can convey a powerful message of love and devotion.

  • Bordeaux-lilac or Bordeaux-purple shades in a bouquet symbolize magnetism and attraction. But rather, it is about a fiery feeling that ignites but quickly fades.

  • When a boy gives red roses in combination with white ones, this symbolizes his desire to love you despite your opposing characters. To learn more about this color combination, read the article "What Does a Bouquet of Red and White Roses Mean?"

Is it possible to give red roses to a man?

Roses are a universal gift, but when it comes to men, one must be careful how the gift is presented, understanding that the recipient may interpret the gift as a sign of affection. A scarlet bouquet is often given to one's lover, actors or singers - men who arouse admiration. If a bouquet is given not individually, but on behalf of a group, for example for an anniversary, an award ceremony or retirement, the meaning of the color can be overlooked.


The quantity of buds also has its symbolism and can integrate the message based on the numerological value of the numbers:

1 - pure love combined with shyness and indecision of the donor. Giving a single rose is appropriate for the first date.

3 - marital feelings. Three flowers can be given to a wife without reason, as a sign of gratitude for her care and loyalty.

5 - perfection. Surprise your chosen one with 5 buds, to say that she is perfect.

7 - harmony and wisdom. The surprise will tell that one is sure of one's feelings, that there are no emotional fluctuations or excessive passion.

9 - admiration for the girl. The admirer is in love, his emotions are airy and light. Usually, so many flowers are given at the beginning of a relationship, during the period of flowers and chocolates.

11 - turning point in feelings, their transition to a new level. If a guy makes his choice happy with such a gift, perhaps he felt sympathy before, but now he is in love and ready to get serious.

 The number of red roses in a bouquet has a symbolic meaning. Different numbers of roses can convey different messages and emotions. For example, one red rose symbolizes love combined with shyness and uncertainty, while three roses express marriage sentiments. Five roses represent perfection, seven roses represent harmony and wisdom, and nine roses express admiration. Eleven roses indicate a transition in emotions, while more than twelve roses generally do not have a specific interpretation. The number of roses in a bouquet can add to the message being conveyed, making it an important factor to consider when giving roses as a gift.

According to the rules of floristry, if a bouquet contains more than 12 stems, their number is not interpreted. One thing we can say is that if you are given 51 or 101 flowers, it means that the donor is very generous.


Despite the beauty of the flower, there are situations where it is not possible to deliver it, according to etiquette or tradition. A bouquet of flowers is not appropriate in the following cases:

  • At a wedding. This is the celebration of love between two people, only they can confess this beautiful feeling through the language of flowers..

  • To colleagues, boss and another person's wife. The gift may be misinterpreted.

  • Do not give Bordeaux-colored buttons to elderly women. A bouquet can be interpreted as a symbol of beauty that is fading.

  • If you do not intend to get seriously involved with the girl and do not want to deceive her sympathy.

It seems that even the common meaning of a flower can be interpreted in different ways depending on the shade and size of the composition. And for you, what does this little red flower mean? Molin Rosa.

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